Houston Weight Loss Surgery – 5 Ways To Know If You Are A Candidate

In this recent Houston weight loss surgery podcast, Dr. Thomas shares 5 ways to know if you are a good candidate for any sort of obesity or bariatric surgery in Houston. You can watch the video or we have made the transcript available below the video as well.



David: Hi this is David Dutton from houstonweightlossdoctor.com and this is a Houston weight loss podcast. Today I am interviewing Dr. Clifton Thomas, Houston’s most respected bariatric surgeon. I have him on the phone with me today and he is going to talk about five ways to know if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery. It is not for everyone and you need to decide if it’s for you. You need to get educated on whether you are a good candidate to be successful with it. Dr. Thomas, are you there?

Dr. Thomas: Hello, hi David.

David: Awesome, thanks so much for doing the podcast. I appreciate it.

Dr. Thomas: You are welcome.

David: So you are going to give us five ways to know if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery. I am going to go ahead and give you the microphone. You can start with any information that you may want to share with us and maybe some reasons why someone should consider weight loss surgery.

Dr. Thomas: Yes, so thank you. In trying to figure out if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery is a very medical way to think of what is required to be approved for your insurance company , what is going to be approved by doctors, What the patient is thinking is how do I solve these problems that are occurring in my everyday life. I do want to talk a little about that at the end. I am going to potentially bore you a little bit with the basic medical issues and we use a thing called BMI. It is nothing more than your height and weight calculations that you can get through any internet calculator.

Basically a BMI of 35 and above makes you a candidate for weight loss surgery. Now more recently with the lap band the FDA approved it for people with a BMI of 30, which is lower, so it means that they are finally starting to figure out that people benefit from a tool like weight loss surgery even if you are not really, really overweight which has been our mentality for many, many years. I think that is really important to know. The real issue is if your weight is really affecting your daily life.

So can you do something about that without a tool and if you need a tool which are the best tools for you. So simply being overweight and having serious medical problems like hypertension, diabetes, problems with your colsterol, acid reflux, knee problems. Those are serious medical problems, but we resolve most of those with weight loss surgery. We get ninety five percent of the people on insulin off insulin for diabetes. It is huge. The American Diabetic Association just endorsed gastric bypass surgery.

David: Oh wow that’s a big deal.

Dr. Thomas: It’s a huge deal and they are emphasizing why that works and people are starting to listen. To see people get off bottles and bottles of medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, and for people to wake up in the morning and feel like they are ten years younger because they actually slept through the night because they are actually getting plenty of oxygen because their sleep apnea has been resolved is huge.

One of the key things that tells you if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery is if you know that you are overweight and you know that it is effecting your daily life and also you have tried every diet in the world and you know they just don’t work and you tend to blame yourself but if you look around you know they aren’t successful for anybody else long term either. So it’s not you. It’s the complex problem of maintaining the weight and not really having a good tool to solve the problem.

David: You know one of the things I was thinking about when you mentioned the lack of sleep, I am very visual in my mind and one of your client’s testimonials on your site, I don’t remember who she is but, she has a new life. You do these free new life consultations with people and I just like the fact that you are giving people a new life after weight loss surgery. Someone who is on a lot of pills doesn’t have to be and someone on insulin may not need it after the surgery and they can actually sleep through the night which some people take for granted. To some people it’s a big deal.

So you have talked about some of the medical stuff, what are some of the desires that people have and what are some of the benefits that people have after the surgery. I know some people have knee pain before the surgery. What are some of the things they can do now after surgery?

Dr. Thomas: Well you are right this is the truly most exciting part of this because when people say their life is better, I want to know specifically what is better. When they start telling me that the emotions and the quality of the emotions that you can sit there and read and watch that unfold in front of you are huge and fun to see.

So when people tell you that they have need able to cross their legs for the first time and to see what big a deal that is is amazing to see. They talk about the fact that they haven’t been able to play with their kids or grand kids and now they can get out there and do all kinds of things. More specifically they can run and play ball and participate in all the different sports and what a big deal it is for them to have better quality time with their kids because they can be more active.

You mentioned the knee pain that is one of the biggest reasons people say that gosh the diets not working, I know I am gaining weight and my knees are getting worse and it doesn’t make sense to mechanically fix something and put all that weight on it so they start considering weight loss surgery. Unbearable knee pain is a huge reason people consider weight loss surgery.

David: We are running out of time. Any closing thoughts on if anyone should consider or if they wonder if they are a candidate for weight loss surgery?

Dr. Thomas: Well starting to ask questions is the way to go. There is some mis information on the internet. The best thing is to go into some of these education modules. I have some on my website. Click on education and it tells you about the band bypass and sleeve. That’s a good starting place and then it’s probably time to meet a doctor and talk.

David: Speaking of which, if you go to houstonweightlossdoctor.com, you can actually ask Dr. Thomas completely free, your most important questions about having weight loss surgery. Go to houstonweightlosssurgery.com and if you click on the image at the top and you can go to a page and fill out a form and ask your question and get educated before you make a decision and you can actually get the correct information instead of scouring the internet and reading other peoples random thoughts, which can be dangerous by the way and talk you into something or out of something.

It’s best just to like you said Dr. Thomas to go right to the source and the expert on the topic. So again thank you so much for doing this podcast this week and for the great information.

Dr. Thomas: It’s been a pleasure.

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