Houston Weight Loss Surgery – 5 Tips To Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

If you are considering weight loss surgery in Houston,TX, this episode of our podcast with Dr. Thomas shares several tips that will help you prepare for obesity surgery.




David: Hi this is David Dutton from Houston Weight Loss podcast and today I’ve got my special guest, Dr. Cliff Thomas and he is the most respected bariatric surgeon in Houston. He is going to give us five tips today on preparing for weight loss surgery. If you decide to go through with weight loss surgery, what can you do to prepare and what is that like. Dr. Thomas has been doing bariatric surgery for many, many years and he can give you the hot tips that you need to know to go through with it, so Dr. Thomas are you there?

Dr. Thomas: Hello

David: Hey thanks for doing the podcast. I appreciate it. I’m going to go ahead and give you the mike and you can start with an introduction and maybe some of your top tips for someone that is thinking about doing the weight loss surgery. What can they do to prepare for it?

Dr. Thomas: Well preparing for weight loss surgery tells me one thing, that you have already gotten over the biggest hurdle because right now we are only operating on one percent of the population that can benefit from this and we see the benefits all the time and it’s amazing to see these medical problems resolved and people’s quality of life improved. Once people start asking questions and consider weight loss surgery, they have really gotten over a huge obstacle. So the first step is actually educating yourself about the procedure.

The good news is that you are starting to ask questions so you need to start off educating yourself. There is some good information and some mis information o nt he internet. Going to my website for example and going through the educational modules that help educate you about specific procedures and asking your doctor questions is a very good way to get information. Sometimes you can see somebody who has had weight loss surgery and ask them questions.

What you will find is that they are always biased toward the procedure they have been successful with and that may not be the best procedure for you so you really have to start at square one on education to figure out which of the three procedures that are commonly done fits you best.

David: I am glad you brought that out because I know win another podcast we talked lap band surgery which is extremely popular, It’s almost what you think about when someone has weight loss surgery and it’s not the only option, in fact in the podcast you mentioned several reasons why you shouldn’t get lap band surgery so that’s a great thought you brought up about just because your best friend had great success with a certain procedure doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you.

It’s definitely best to get educated, speaking of which you actually have a section on the website houstonweightlossdoctor.com where somebody can actually ask you a question, their most important questions about having weight loss surgery. People can go to the website and click on the image and just fill out their question and it’s totally anonymous as well and get educated about it.

Dr. Thomas: I am excited to be able to share and help.

David: What are some other tips we need to think about?

Dr. Thomas: Well there are some more boring things that have to do with your insurance approval, being able to pay for your surgery is important. Those kind of things are available through our website as well. You need to get your medical records from your doctors. You need to think if you can get any documentation from weight loss help in the past and on the medical side the most important things that we do the surgery to help people get rid of serious medical problems.

We want to make sure that they are stabilized and in the best medical condition possible at the time we are doing the surgery. You need to see your primary medical doctor prior to surgery and make sure that all your current medical problems are stabilized.

David: Interesting. And any insurance tips? You said you need to check with your insurance. Is their any quick insurance tip they need to know about?

Dr. Thomas: Once you plug into the Doctors office, on every procedure and everything we do , we check and see what insurance benefits you have. Unfortunately some insurance companies exclude bariatric . And fortunately just recently the American Diabetic Association not only endorses gastric bypass for diabetes, they highly encourage it. They equated to insurance companies not covering heart surgery ,for example. It’s of that importance. We know it’s important, we have been doing it for years.

We just really haven’t been getting word out. You need to know if you have a bariatric exclusion on your insurance policy. We check that, but can also check that yourself. If you have an exclusion, then you need to start figuring out, well what else can I do, how can I pay for that and we do have some ways to do that. We also have on my website an affordability calculator. If you are wondering if you can afford it, believe it or not by having weight loss surgery and losing weight, you save money. The little calculator can help you determine that.

David: Oh that’s a very cool thing. I didn’t know you offered that. I like that. Well, Dr. Thomas thank you so much for doing this podcast this week I really appreciate it. There are some great tips and look forward to having you next week.

If you are interested or thinking about weight loss surgery and wondering if it’s for you, we have some great podcasts and some great videos and articles by Dr. Thomas at houstonweightlossdoctor.com. You can check it out, it’s completely free and you can even ask Dr. Thomas a question and it’s completely free as well. All right, thank you again.


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