Dr. Clifton Thomas Gives Away 50 Free Copies of His New Weight Loss Surgery Book

Dr. Clifton Thomas
Houston, TX bariatric specialist, Dr. Clifton Thomas, has just authored a new book called “Skinny Jeans At Last: Secrets To Long Term Weight Loss Surgery Success”.

In his new book, he shares how you can finally fit in those skinny jeans and why most people never get to experience that ever again in their life.

He also goes into detail on the different types of weight loss surgery and which surgery (if any) is right for you.

He is giving away 50 autographed copies of his new book to inspire residents of Houston, TX to lose weight and to keep it off so they too can fit in their skinny jeans.

If you would like a free autographed copy of this ground breaking book, call Dr. Thomas’ office at 713-936-0777. Let his staff know that you would like a free autographed copy of his book.

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