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Shelly Pierce, one of my successful patients, had this to say after she had her successful procedure done, “I thank him for my “New Life”.

Since then, I have been giving clients the gift of a “New Life Consultation” to find out what their options are when it comes to Houston weight loss surgery.

I don’t want you to risk a single penny.

It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to find out about weight loss surgery. It shouldn’t cost you anything. That’s why I’d like to invite you to have a totally free consultation in my office. We can meet face to face, talk about your situation,  and determine if you’d be a good candidate.

Plus, I’ll show you before and after pictures of other people just like you and give you an idea of what you can expect of your “new” life.

The first step is my 100% free, no obligation “New Life Consultation.” It’s educational, life changing…and it’s my gift to you.

Practice What I Preach

One of the things I teach my patients is life balance. We need to take time to take care of ourselves whether it be our bodies or our minds. I try and practice what I preach. Family is important to me as well as helping my current patients with their continuing success.

In saying that, I can only accept a select number of patients per month.

So go ahead and request your free “New Life Consultation” now. It’s simple…just fill out the form below and one of my staff will call or email you to confirm:

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